chick guarantee

We guarantee our Black & Red Star chicks and 6 week old pullets.  All other chicks are sold straight run.   Please click here for more information.

Events and tours

More Information coming soon!

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Winn's Hot Dogs and Sausages


Want your special event catered with farm fresh Hot Dogs and Sausages? Click here for more information . 



Collect your own free range eggs from your backyard chickens.  We sell a variety of breeds and age groups. No order is too small!

Farm & Recipe Blog 


Need some ideas for dinner or want to see what is new at our farm?  Visit our blogs.   

Winn Farms is a family owned and operated farm located just north of Corvallis, Oregon.  We specialize in giving individual, quality customer service.


Open Tuesday & Thursday from 3:30-7:00pm. 

Please call or text for all other appointments

(541) 207-4541

We do not have a start date for 2018. Please call me for more information April 541.207.4541

Chick/duckling Orders

Our Meat and Eggs


For free range eggs and naturally raised meat visit our farm and see exactly how we care for our animals.

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